Police 750 is a history blog on the 750th anniversary of the town of Police (West Pomeranian Province /Voivodship/, Poland) – previously a settlement on the Łarpia River, which was granted Magdeburg law to the town in 1260 by Barnim I the Good.

The blog is written by an amateur historian – Jan Matura, a Manager of a Historical Gallery in The Municipal Culture Centre in Police. The history of the town from the dawn of history to the present is detailed there. A unique collection of pictures, prints, maps and other records of the past of the town are presented.

The main objective of the gallery is to carry out young people and students’ regional culture education and participate in public, social and cultural life of the town. Furthermore the gallery is a place where historical conference and meetings are held. Moreover sightseeing tours in the region and academic assistance for students are offered.

Contact: jmatura(at)gminapolice.pl
Address: Jan Matura, Galeria Historyczna Polic, ul. Siedlecka 1 a, 72-010 Police, Polska